Easier More Powerful

Easier More Powerful

Everything is easier and stronger with NIXA all in one aquarium fertilizers.

We love what we do.

We don't actually see it as doing a job.
We do our hobby in the best way and share it with you.

Our Way of Working.

In order to offer you the best, we collect all the data and
We renew ourselves every day by analyzing.

About Us

Nixa aquarium is a company established in Turkey in 2023. The main product group is on aquarium plant nutrients. Today, you, who love the aquarium hobby,
The common problem of our friends is that the plants cannot be fed adequately, algae and algae problems, complex fertilizer dosing amounts.
We set out to make him enjoy his aquarium.

Specifically, we have carried out a great R&D by working on formulas with distinguished chemistry laboratories in Europe that have proven themselves in the international arena.
Then, step by step, we moved our production to Turkey. After dozens of tests and overtimes in laboratories, we managed to put our signature on the formulas.
Currently, R&D studies are still carried out by Turkish experts. Every stage of production
quality and meticulously controlled. In this direction, the products go through a 3-stage quality control process before they reach you.
Each stage is scientifically reported with laboratory outputs, ensuring the same quality and content. Currently, products are active in Asia, Europe, and England.
It is used and is developed with the information collected every day.